Hale Milligan and Associates offers a wide variety of services to build your project. We have the skills to manage projects from the feasibility stage to closeout. Being able to provide continuity throughout the project is what makes us unique.









Transportation Engineering

Design, permitting, grant acquisition, coordination, traffic control plans, project management and construction engineering, name just a few transportation engineering services we provide

Project Management

Manage projects for agencies to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local Codes and Ordinances

Engineering Design

Roads, pedestrian facilities, storm drainage, water and sewer distribution, grading, stormwater pollution prevention, erosion control, and Low Impact Design are only a few of our engineering design services

Construction Management

Manage construction projects for agencies to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local Codes and Ordinances

Stormwater Modeling

Calculating runoff rates, sizing detention infiltration and water quality facilities, and conveyance system capacity calculations are a few of our stormwater modeling services

Construction Engineering

Coordinate with utility companies and government agencies, construction documentation to meet federal requirements, inspection, cost estimating, material approvals and survey coordination

Plans Specifications and Estimates

Prepare Plans, Specifications and Estimates according to applicable codes and design criteria, for bidding projects

Grant Research and Acquisition

Search for and prepare grant applications Research and provide the technical data required for grants

Infrastructure and Site Planning

Provide utility, road, infrastructure and site planning and preliminary design services

Feasibility Studies

Prepare preliminary engineering and feasibility studies

Program Implementation

Permit processing procedures development and recommendations Design and construction standards updates